What we do

Studies on demand
Many companies already have their market study model developed and validated. If you need a new business partner to carry on the studies already in progress, or to carry out a specific study of your company, please, contact us.

Client satisfaction
Identification of threats and oportunities to gain market share due to the quality perceived by the final client regarding the services rendered. We carry out evaluations in B2C and B2B markets. Satisfaction evaluation for ISO 9001 certification.

Development of new products and services
Evaluation of products concepts and services in launching, packaging redesign, events concepts and price positioning. Whenever possible, such studies may be carried out through the Internet with a fast and excellent cost-benefit relation.

Advertising Campaigns
Advertising campaigns recall and effectiveness (post and pre-test). Powerful and effective resource for publicity agencies to evaluate campaigns. Ads (static or commercials) can be visualized on the Internet, attached to a questionnaire. Data gathering through the Internet (CAWI) allows evaluations with the speed that advertisers and agencies need.

Market Pulse
Continued study in order to monitor the effect of marketing actions upon measures, such as: awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase intention, loyalty and brand adoption. Foresees changes in consumer's behaviour, allowing the optimization of communication plans and the implementation of new actions.

Usages, habits and attitudes
Measure of the level of products or services usage. Usages habits and attitudes towards the product or service.

Image studies
Brand evaluation, company or service market position. How the brand is being perceived from consumer/client's perspective.

Websites navigation experience
Client satisfaction measurement when navigating on a website. Evaluation of website characteristics (concept, layout, navigation, speed and usage).

CSM - Customer Satisfaction Monitor
We all know that it's a lot cheaper to keep a client than to conquer a new one or to bring him back from a competitor. CSM evaluates the satisfaction, trust and products or services adoption, comparing a company to its competitors. Corporate (B2B) and Consumer (B2C) targets.

LCM – Lost Client Monitor
For services companies, churn is unavoidable. However, dealing with the churn is a choice. The research with an ex-customer raises data and insights that will prevent the increase of "Lost Clients". We have developed techniques to point out the controllable and uncontrollable reasons of clients loss. The information derived from LCM complement the CSM helping companies to establish tactics and strategies to keep clients.

PSM – Point of Sale Monitor
Is your client having the experience you wish he had in the point-of-sale? PSM measures and evaluates BTL actions allowing the marketing resources optimization in the points-of-sale.